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Communication by J-C Castel - The Case of Vat Phou

Communication by Jean-Charles Castel, Head of French Embassy Solidarity Priority Fund for Southern Laos Heritage,
during the international conference "Transborder Archaeologies: Vat Phou and Angkor",
organised at the Center for Khmer Studies, in SeamReap,
on 14th-15th December 2015.
 The Case of Vat Phu - JC Castel - December 2015 
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LiDAR Project Video

Video presentation of LiDAR Technology at Vat Phou Champasak

CHaMPA project

Signing ceremony on June 17, 2020

8 Trails around Vat Phou

Archaeological, cultural and natural trails in Champasak district

Notice of Invitation to tender

Renovation project of a remarkable building in Champasak district

Map Vat Phou and Around - Pierre Pichard - EFEO - 1992

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